What We Do

Our escort services include, but are not limited to: mental health care, youth justice, vulnerable children and adults.

We provide services to both high risk and low risk customers.

Our Services


Secure Escort

-  For Children and Young People with criminal or welfare secure court orders

- Secure welfare orders


Supervised Contact

- Supervised contact at an agreed venue e.g. contact centre

- Quality reports will be provided

Non-Secure Escort | Excel Escort Solutions

Non-Secure Escort 

- Vulnerable children or young people

- Unaccompanied minors

- Transporting to and from residential care

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Care, Supervision and Support

- For children and young people

- 24 hour supervision or long term commission in either the home or community

-  Quality reports will be provided

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- Medical and dental appointments

- Hospital appointments (including 24 hour bed watch)

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Welfare Recovery

- Assisting recovery orders; to safely and securely move children from one destination to another in a controlled manner.

- Working alongside the relevant authorities to ensure the children's welfare and safety is always paramount.

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- We provide 24/7 safe and secure movements of the most vulnerable detainees, both adult, children and young people who display the most challenging of behaviour.

- We transport adults, children and young people in custody in a fleet of non cellular and cellular vehicles required.

- We provide safe and tailored supervision for children and young people held within custody.

- We provide supervision for defendants in a court room setting.

- We are a safe and secure professional service treating those in our care and custody with respect and dignity.

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